Posted: May 15, 2011 in You are awesome stories

Has your day every been changed by a complete stranger?

A simple smile and “hello” at the mall…

Or what about that time that you slipped on that sneaky piece of ice on the sidewalk and all of the contents of your purse were strewn every which way?  The hot guy in the orange baseball cap ran over (not laughing at you), made sure you were okay, helped you up, and helped you pick up all of the strewn contents… including a few unmentionables…

Remember the time that you got a flat tire but realized your car jack wasn’t in the car and the slick businessman, late for work, took the time to not only stop and let you use his jack, but helped you change the tire and make sure you were able to be on your way…

Then there was that time that your girlfriend dumped you because she didn’t like the way you ate your food (seriously?!).  You went to the grocery store to pick up a six pack to drown away your sorrows and the woman with three screaming kids made a point to stop and say “Get the Guinness. The luck of the Irish is exactly what you need.  Don’t worry, you’ll find that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow soon!”… and then she proceeded to do a little Irish jig… exactly what you needed.

Then you have the people who are doing awesome things on a daily basis…

  • Second graders having a car wash at Chick-fil-A to raise money for recent victims of the tornados in North Carolina
  • College students being mentors to kids in South Africa via webcast
  • Egyptians using social media to fight for their freedom
  • CEOs who sell their homes and move to Zimbabwe to build schools for orphans
  • Youth organizing a festival to educate other students about the power of entrepreneurship

Here’s your chance to say “thank you, YOU ARE AWESOME”.  Who knows, maybe that person is now having a bad day and by reading your post, they’ll have an awesome day too!

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